The Game of Logic

The Game of Logic Summary

This book is designed to teach mathematical logic for who is interested in mathmatics.

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Dj Dominox

Read for fun or find the board and pieces and play along5 star

Lewis Carroll is a genius of nonsense and logic along with being an amazing author, so the book itself should not be a complaint because it is a game that Carroll invented called logic puzzles. But for some of the other people that downloaded the book and either did not have the intelligence to recognize that it's a game of logic that requires a board and pieces to understand fully (to your best consent of knowledge) or ran through it and rated it 1 or 2 stars is truly disheartening to the greatness of the author so please if you don't understand or think this is "Alice adventures in wonderland or through the looking glass" type of material, don't start here or go read another book on logical thinking and game theory then come back.55


Good book, bad ebook2 star

This is a great classic book, converted from ASCII etext with mistakes. All ASCII art is unreadable, and it is important to understand the content. If you have original book in paper with illustrations, this ebook still could be useful for quoting.25


For when you are bored5 star

This is Lewis Carroll. It is nonsense. Brilliant nonsense.55


What?1 star

Is this a book or a bad middle school textbook?15

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