Wonderful Creatures

Wonderful Creatures Summary

Here is the book for you to learn more about these marvelous creatures of God. You will see blind termites that build skyscrapers, macaws that know chemistry, or the compass in the ant’s eye. Also learn why animals don’t die of cold in winter although they live outside, how can fish breathe in water and many more puzzling features about these wonderful creatures.

Book Reviews

Sir Rami #21

Great for kids5 star

This counters the biased evolution theory that is taught in Western education without question.55

Mr. Maldythdh

Creature man5 star

This book is full of creatures55


Why is this in the science section?1 star

Nuff said.15


Everyone should read this book!5 star

Regardless of what religious beliefs one may have, this book causes a very deep appreciation for the perfection of creation and it's Creator. It would make a wonderful book for any age. After reading it you may never look at a spider the same, they are superior engineers with University training in the true sense of the word.55

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