Understanding Dog Language - 50 Points

Understanding Dog Language - 50 Points Summary

Dogs are constantly communicating with their masters and fellow creatures. A look, a pose, a movement of the ears or tail: their entire beings express their feelings. Get to know your dog better through 50 detailed poses. They will be useful to you on a daily basis but also when training your dog.

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Interesting quick read4 star

Info is valuable a lot to remember but you can always look it up again Couple mis-spellings and one picture that does not match up Overall a good quick overview45


Goo5 star

The book was awesome now I know how my dog Shelby feels !!!!!!!55


Understanding Dog Language- 50 points1 star

This is not a very educational book. A lot of the information is false.15


Very incomplete1 star

Not very well written. Explanations are so bad my dog could have write it a lot better.15


Nope.1 star

Not helpful.15


Great book5 star

I really like this book and now I'm training my dog everyday!55

Lizi's Mom

Simplistic but useful3 star

This book would be a somewhat beneficial for a first time or novice dog owner. For those who have been around dogs quite awhile it is fairly simplistic with little new information. It does cover many of dog issues that an owner should be aware of and for that I will recommend It as a good read for new dog owners.35


Understanding Dog Language4 star

A basic review of what your dog does under certain circumstances. A great reminder.45


good5 star



Wow...1 star

This is a horrible book most of the info is just plain wrong. My god. If your dog savvy than you know what I'm talking about my dog is not distressed when he's panting he's releasing body heat. Trying to cool down. Dogs only have small sweat glands in their pads not enough to cool so they pant also after vigorous play even in water they pant. It's to control breathing this persons a moron don't I repeat do not trust this tripe. This writer knows as much about dogs as I do about astrophysics which is diddly squat.15

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