CK-12 Basic Physics - Second Edition

CK-12 Basic Physics - Second Edition Summary

CK-12 Basic Physics - Second Edition covers the following chapters:
Units: This chapter covers the basic units used in physics, guidelines for using units, and their importance within physics.
Wave: This chapter covers objects in harmonic motion, which are defined as objects that return to the same position after a fixed period of time. Objects in harmonic motion have the ability to transfer some of their energy over large distances. 
Light Nature: This chapter covers the nature of light, polarization, and color.

Book Reviews

Hama kawa

Great5 star

Very good book do better55


Careless2 star

I was only a few pages in and noticed several typos and inconsistencies, so I didn't want to keep reading. For example, there was a note regarding if a solution seems way off from what would be common sense, calculate again. On the next page there is a problem in which a kid was timed running 24 feet in 12 seconds as a given. If you think about it, one would have to crawl in order to take that long to cover that distance!25


Content2 star

I understand that interactive iBooks are a novel idea but I want to remind not just the authors of this books but future authors for iBooks that the absence of well written contents cannot be helped by technologies. For instance, the concept of Doppler's Effect in this book took only a few lines of explanation. I felt like the author was skimming over the subject matter. Some kind of audio illustration can also help but more text and diagram to explain it is needed.25

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