Mr. Luigi's Thoughts on Energy

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An introduction to the driving concepts behind Energy, Machines, and Conservation of Energy

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A True Renaissance Masterpiece5 star

If there was one word I would use to describe this book it would be... astounding! But in this case I will use many words: INCREDIBLE! SHOWSTOPPING! FANTASTIC! Mr.Luigi’s way of expressing his thoughts on energy changes my life through its beauty. I can’t wait until the movie adaptation of this! - Madison55


A Must Read for all Physics Students!5 star

Mr.Luigi did a wonderful job explaining the topic of energy. His clear and concise writing style helped to to comprehend this topic more quickly than the normal textbook and the review questions furthered my understanding tremendously. Overall, its definetly a must read... especially if you are in Physics M :). -Emerson55


Life changing!5 star

This book is a must-read!! Easy to understand, entertaining, AND informative. If you haven’t already read this book, I can’t recommend it enough. The material covered in the book has enlightened me to the world of energy. Even the review questions were better than the regular textbook! -Faith55


An Immaculate Book5 star

This book exceeded my expectations on how imformative it was. It was helpful, engaging, and it made sure we got a deep understanding of energy. I now know all about energy and the different tyoes of energy, as well as formulas for finding kinetic energy and others. The added questions at the end were thoughtful in a way that made sure we understand the book. Overall, an amazing read.55

(a now Enlightened) K-Dawg

Lovely. Luxurious. Lush. Leisurely. Lucid. Liberating. Luigi.5 star

It is impossible to describe with mere words the astoundingly beautiful nature of this book, it is simply ineffable. One could not imagine in their wildest dreams the style, the elegance, the clarity, the sheer power of biblical proportions this book contains. It was Plato who said “The measure of a man is what he does with his power” and Mr. Luigi truly, most definitely stands tall above all competitors for his prose and conspicuously, admirably perfect writing is the epitome of well-used power. If there were a single book that I had to choose which every living soul on the planet, nay, the Universe, were required to read upon existence, it would unequivocally be “Mr. Luigi’s Thoughts on Energy.” The Buddha himself could not experience the immense sense of enlightenment this masterpiece has granted me. I would thank Mr. Luigi with the blessings of a billion blue blistering barnacles and the thanks of ten thousand thundering typhonic nations, but sadly I realize I am not even capable of meeting his eyes, for the incredible God-like stature he contains within a mere mortal body would blind my peasant eyes. Though I have seen the light, heaven lies beyond, a life of wisdom, kindness, satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, and free of sin. That land is far, but Mr. Luigi has shown me the path. That land is far, but Mr. Luigi is a kind and gentle soul. That land is far, but as God is our witness, we will reach it. Paradise is Parry.55


One star cannot express my hatred for Mr. Luigi1 star

Throughout the years, I have grown to resent Mr. Luigi and all that he stands for. He has committed many a transgression upon the proud people of India. It is clear that the conflict in Kashmir has only been possible through the radicalization of extremist groups brought about by the teachings of Mr. Luigi and his book of rage and propaganda. Everyday I pray that the flames of Hell will absolve the soul of Mr. Luigi of his sins. Lucifer in the 9th circle of Hell awaits the inevitable fall of Mr. Luigi to his domain. For the perpetration of war crimes and breaking the Geneva convention on multiple occasions, there is no redemption for this man, and I wish nothing but excruciating agony for the rest of time upon him.15



I learned a lot from this book. It is really comprehensible and I would recommend it to everyone. Plus, the author is really an amazing guy.55


Emily’s Thoughts on Mr. Luigi’s Thoughts on Energy5 star

Word for word, this book is the best I’ve ever read. The author skillfully uses a variety of rhetorical strategies to get his point across. Mr. Luigi consistently breaks the fourth wall, addressing his audience with a variety of pet names from “Chimichangas” to “Tender Tacos” to better express his thoughts on energy. The book also took a serious philisophical approach to the topic, posing the question: if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise? Truly the best, most effective book I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. -Emily H55


Quadruple checks5 star

Conciseness? Check. Accuracy? Double check. Humor? Triple check. Misspellings every other page? Quadruple check! Luigi’s Thoughts on Energy is the perfect go-to when cramming for a test. The questions and answers at the end are also huge bonus. :) Bella K.55


Wow.5 star

When you rate this book five stars, the description is “It’s great.” I’d say that’s a pretty darn accurate description of Mr. Luigi’s masterpiece of a book. Short, simple, AND with practice problems (and their answers?!). Truly unparalleled.55

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