Relativity Summary

The theory of relativity, or simply relativity in physics, usually encompasses two theories by Albert Einstein: special relativity and general relativity. [1] (The word relativity can also be used in the context of an older theory, that of Galilean invariance.)

Book Reviews

Smart phone?

Not a book?1 star

That simple. Is not a book. Basically, a title page and a disclaimer for libravox.15


This isn’t even a book1 star

Waste of time15


Audiobook link?1 star

If you want to read it... don't get this.15

Chris Hong

Spam. Only 5 pages long with links to external audio files.1 star

Avoid. There is another Relativity eBook at the iBook store which contains the actual book.15


Total junk1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. It’s basically iBook spam and will do nothing but clutter your library with useless material. My latest version of iBooks does not even give me an option to delete it. It gets a 1-star only because I couldn’t rate it at -5 stars. :-[15


This isn't a book!1 star

This is 12 pages of nothing. What a waste! No stars!!15


Great5 star

So goood...55


Terrible, Not even an actual book1 star

Contains 2 PAGES of text, is pretty much advertising for audiobook15


Don't download1 star

This is literally just a few pages of a "“Librivox Audio Recording Public Domain Certification”-- this isn't an actual book or document or anything. I guess that's why it's free. Don't bother.15


This is an audiobook or something1 star

Like a lot of the free books on the iTunes Store, this one is terribly labelled. It is not Einstein's Theory of Relativty. It is some sort of weird 8 page intro for an audiobook that isn't included.15

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