The Interactive Space Book

The Interactive Space Book Summary

A collection of photos, information and videos compiled from Wikipedia and brought together in an interactive book on Space. 

Topics covered include early astronomy, exploration of the solar system and the Apollo programme.

Book Reviews


Very good book5 star

This book is awesome! If you are interested in space or planets, get this book. I love it55


Awesome5 star

Very well created. I love the interactive features.55


Wonderful book5 star

This is a beautifully illustrated book. My daughter wouldn't return my iPad until she finished viewing all the pictures. And of course the price is right.55

jenny and the cat club

Thank you.5 star

This is great. My daughter loves anything about space exploration. How great would it have been to have an interactive text book like this when we were kids? The next generation is going to love sitting down with their text books.55

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