Cool Magic Tricks

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Make an orange levitate, move a ring magically, vanish an earbud, vanish water and a coin. link and unlink matches in your hand, make a salt shaker disappear, balance a glass on a car, levitate a bread roll under napkin, magically link paper clips, learn a maths trick and a cool card trick. 17 Tricks in total that anyone can do!

Book Reviews


Qualified2 star

I love Magic but it didn’t really tell me what I was going for and the images weren’t very persuasive.25


Not bad!5 star

I’m a beginner and been looking all over the web for tricks and finally found some decent tricks!😄😄😄55

Kristian milliner

Great book for beginning magicians!5 star

This book is good IF you are a beginning magician. If you are an experienced magician, this would not be for you. But that’s only my opinion.55


MEH1 star

Look if you are like 3 it’s perfect. However I am a magician who has been doing magic for 6 years now and know a lot however there is still a lot to learn and I was hoping to find something new that is free but this this is the kind of magic you just naturally know.15


Dream heydeszclpov3 star

Used zlifjcSz35

DST Diva80

I3 star

Gig Ugh Hgvgg rung yoga tovtyrgvgyvg gg35


The giving tree5 star

It is a little sad but a very nice book.Hope u like the book55

Nellie Jun

Very Bad1 star

I knew most of these tricks already, and there were SOOOOOO many typos! That almost made me go crazy! 😡😡😡and there was a trick that was repeated, so there are really only 16.15


Amazing5 star

Going to try it to night55


Awesome5 star

Magic tricks are easy to follow up55

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