Free Air

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One of the earliest open roads tales, originally serialized for the Saturday Evening Post. Fashionable and single Clair Boltwood joines her father on a drive cross-country to Seattle with the hope that the long trip will help her avoid marrying her sophisticated New York beau.

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Gumbo1 star

The first chapter is a complete mess, from describing food & driving in the same context to the confusing sentence structure... I couldn't get past the second page & re-read page 1 four different times in an attempt to read this book:( The summary looked interesting, but in this case... Looks are very deceiving.15


Ugh.1 star

Ugh. I started this book, and I don't even understand the first page! I tried the whole chapter, but I struggled. Hard. Hard to understand. So if you are a top-notch genius- one of those people who like to use big words to make people feel stupid- I suggest reading this book.15

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