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Have you ever prayed and wondered why nothing seems to be happening? I did, for many years! God is omnipresent, He is always listening. It is not that He doesn't hear you. It has much more to do with how we pray. Many people pray with a shotgun approach: “If I throw as many holy sounding words and thank you-s into the mix, maybe it will work this time”. Yet Christ taught us a very simple looking prayer, The Lord's Prayer, that most of us have learned at some point in our life. Christ also warned us about using fancy words, and using vain repetitions praying. That is one way how we would follow Him with our mouth, not with our hearts. So how are we doing with our prayers? Looking at the Godly miracles that happen in the world of Christianity, we might need to go back to basics by understanding The Lord's Prayer in all it's glory and power. Because if you truly understand The Lord's Prayer, it will show you all you need to know about your connection with God. It will show you that The Lord's Prayer is a "Blood, Sweat and Tears" prayer of fear of God. It sums up the power of the Bible in just a few verses, ready to let God do what He does best. Care, Love, Heal, Forgive. But you have to understand in order to become Free From Bondage.

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The break down4 star

The only disagreement I have was that the devil didn’t temp Jesus for 40 days it was actually after Jesus Fasted for 40 days and 40 Nights he was tempted. But other then that this book was/is the Truth. Definitely hits home and finally someone that make certain torments clear.45


Stopped reading1 star

I stopped reading after page 6 or 7 where the author writes that we can be possessed by evil spirits as Christians. The Bible never says that despite what this book says. As one reviewer wrote, we can be oppressed by evil spirits, not possessed.15

Mike stina

Bad grammar, good content4 star

Please grammar check the book. Great content! The Word says believe we have received and you will have it. Not based on our flesh. Didn’t like the part where he said that God won’t do something and then later will, it’s all based on our faith that we received it in the moment we prayed. Satan will torment but if we are free from bondage and ask, we have received and it may not have manifested in that moment.45


Misinterpretation2 star

I really do not believe it safe to state that evil spirits dwell within a person who is truly saved. The Lord clearly states that we become “New creatures” in Him: 2 Corinthians 5:17. Children of the only true & living God CANNOT be possessed, but MAY become oppressed, only IF we open ourselves up to certain behaviors,which are not of Christ. Your statement may place unnecessary fear into a true (new) child of God, who is seeking edification.25

Captain in Gods army

The Lords Prayer1 star

This book is full of lies.The author is under the law and is legalistic teaching not about love or mercy. The sin is that this person who never gives his name is religious and will have the reader in bondage like an old RC teacher.Stop teaching lies and condemnation.You have a false ministry not of God.15


The Lord’s Prayer5 star

I can’t express how powerful this book was... i diff recommend it!!55


Interesting Points4 star

Really enjoyed reading this book, had some very interesting points about prayer.45


Lots of fantasy, some fanatism, good intention2 star

Read until ~25-30% of the book. There is good intention, but many fantasies based on ancient cultural tradition which are misleading. May work for people undergoing a spiritual crisis as in those moments any help is good; but is impractical for today's world. Many concepts are involuntarily rooted in fanatism.25


Eye opener5 star

This book really makes you open your eyes to the truth. I feel if you are serious about your relationship with Jesus you need to read it.55


I Believe5 star

I love this Book everything in here is so true with the illnesses that’s the Devil tournament. I have Ms,COPD, and Blood Clots .I always thought God gave me this illness but I see he hasn’t . Anyway I love this book it open my eyes to a lot of things in life . Thank u so much . Marizel Woody . God Bless you all Amen.55

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